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Curse of the Wolf


In the old days, some individuals and to convert the in wolves. It didn't take long and there were more and more. Other people were afraid of them and thought that the only option is to kill the wolves had threatened them. First, is trying to break that never no conversion ,but it didn't work. The majority used a wolfbane. This can be from the Wolf to get only the antibody, which shouldn't. This is made later, but it's looking for, because when someone started to ask, it was noticeable and usually told. The procedure time was left with only a few small groups, which can transform, but in secret. During the full moon, however, is not how to embrace them and shall submit to the moon. Those groups have created rules that must be observed. One of the rules is that no one must know about them and avoid the Wolf fever to the past are not repeated, and they were completely wiped out. When the conversion of hiding into dark forests to threatened by the people living in the area. It is said that a man who falls in love with Wolf and kills a Hunter on the evidence of the other wolves, would take the place of Hunter and can give you freedom. However, it never even happened.   


The year 1870 / MDCCCLXX

How peaceful the day she thought Helen maid Miss weighted became who just drank tea with friends in the garden. She was wearing a beautiful, pink, striped dress and a hat on his head, to cut off his her beautiful hair. Her neck a necklace of her ancestors, which her mother gave her. Helen couldn't believe his eyes. She saw several men stand behind the House, carrying a bowl of fruit "Ma'am we should go. It's too late. "discreetly indicated that it didn't seem strange to others, and she said that the eyes of men coming to them, "Yes, we should go." Juliana rose of garden chairs, adjust your clothes and say goodbye. Peaceful day I guess. The men are close to them, "hurry up, before I run out of, let us see." She tried to, as soon as we could, "where they come from. I thought you got rid of them, as I told you. " Helen looked "I'm sorry. I should have considered that a long time ago for nothing. I don't understand. "she lifted the dress to walk faster and started toward his house "We have to go Helen, or pay for it. Made a mistake, that you check. "she felt guilty. Just what the collapse, they headed for the door. In the doorway stood the men, what is before she saw Helen behind the House, Julie's friends, "you must come with us, someone wants to see you." Afraid of what will happen ". I have to go. I've got some work to do. "they built them in the way that they could not go anywhere. Juliana put their luggage on a Chair on the porch and tried to escape. She realized that men go for them. The House has a thick wood that could be cut. She thought them along with his servant escapes, but they caught Julian and Helen heard screaming. She hid behind a tree and tried to be quiet. Helen's screams stopped "Oh, my God. They killed her. "she whispered to her. What you will do now is only she, who can stop them, but why Helen changed? Afraid of? He doesn't know and never will.At one point lost a devoted servant and friend. She looked, if not see the man, but no trace of them. She wanted to escape. As soon as she turned, her father stood in front of her father. Some men just... "her heart was beating about a hundred and six".I know. I told them. "I don't believe this is from my father never expected. Although he was against the wolves, but to go this far "What?! How could you?! "tore down her necklace from her neck," you don't deserve This. You're a disgrace, a monster. What is normal to you, your mother and Helen were the wolves. " The only thing that was left after her mother was the necklace, but he took it and threw it away, "his mother paid years ago. It could not, it's a curse for her, and you were the only one who would expect that it will understand and not to kill her. Go ahead, kill me, like you did your mother and your servants ago Helen. " He had a lot of Wolf fever, such a possibility already gets and so did not hesitate for a minute, and he killed her when his cheek dry a tear, which was trying to stop. After this terrible crime took my daughter in my arms and carried her sobbing to the well, gave her a kiss on the forehead and threw it in there. The last thing you could see was Julie's hand, which engulfed the thick clothes ". Wolves, these monsters are dead and buried. " All the victims, buried his daughter just threw into the well. as well as her mother years ago. That they are all dead, he just thought. Juliana had a son named Zeno, and gave it to the education of people who knew her secret, and that he will hide. She knew that they would never tell her and did not betray the secret. Zeno learned what his family was like and tried to hide it. He said that only people who really believed. If Juliet's father learned that he has a grandson, Zeno would have survived. About his mother every time he spoke as about significant Lady, died in an unfortunate accident. Julian has always tried to protect their species and so she and her son was for centuries.

Julia's clothes


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