sobota 15. prosince 2012

The Present

Among the wolves include Alexandra and her brother's Hanry. When Alex was growing up, the conversion were getting worse and so it is that the Wolf was beginning to hate. Order from them at least a little bit away from your moved the family, which lives only in the company of wolves. Her family is one of the groups, which have survived. Alex's House in Portland and the waitress in the City Grill. Her brother is missing and every time when something important goes for Alex and make her go to a meeting, but she rarely ever arrives and tells her the news. Hanry is glad that the Wolf, because to be able to run fast and jump out to great heights has its advantage. I always felt special and so he wants to stay, but Alex would want the opposite, would be rather normal. So normal as possible. Full moon, however, it destroys. Every time gets in the car and goes to the edge of the forest and runs, as far as possible from civilization. The more the full moon approaches, it is all the more dangerous. The full moon is fickle and sometimes transformation comes early and it happened. Quickly she went to the forest, but it wasn't far enough for a little while. In the morning the day after that, he tore up the tires with the car and had it towed to a repair shop. Fortunately, in the shop explained that it probably will be some animal, but her car was missing, cannot feel the blood. Once she went home from work and before one bar fight two drunks. One of them began bleeding and Alex started to change in the eyes of the Wolf. Fortunately, it can take over the years, and so she went quickly home. Closed the door with him in the kitchen and took a drink of cold water. As soon as she turned, stood behind her Hanry. '' Hello, little sister. How are you doing. "not in the mood to talk at ten o'clock in the evening. '' Hi. How would I lead, in a few days is here again. You can't choose a better moment than this late at night? "he smiled and sat down on the couch. '' I'm sorry, but sometimes you don't have the reach. In a few days is here, but as always you're not with us, you had it easier. For a long time you have to offer. I'm not in the mood every time you think of you and the other not. "he tossed his feet up on the table and thought, God knows what. '' I was asking about me was you or someone else. I can handle myself as always. I don't know what I would have had it easier, if I was with you. "he rose and kicked you to the door. '' Nothing so I'll go, but if you happen to change your mind so just let me know. We're changing places and parents would like to see you. So sometimes the State. At the meeting it was discussed with something important, but I wasn't there, so i want to see you. " 
She closed the door behind him and went to make dinner. A little late but that she was one. At dinner you turned on the TV, but nothing interesting there. Afret a busy day, fell into bed. In the mening Theky called her, if she clould come in an hour early, but that her rewerd and will go home early. “ What has to happen here. “she said, hen she came to work and watt all the rush. “ There will be some sorf of celebration or something and Theky called us at the last minute. “her things and went to see what all you want to prepare. “ Look, but I have to go today. So get it done fast. “she said to a friend which prepared tables. Her book, which was a lot of things to do. Preparing things quickly as I could, and ended arend 8:00.



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